The Finest Organic Cotton Casuals We Could Source

The Finest Organic Cotton Casuals We Could Source

The Finest Organic Cotton Casuals We Could Source - For You! 

To set the tone for GRG™ products we decided to make a swift shift into the world of premium and organic cotton materials. We've concluded that we don't just want to sell the same old "gear", as every other brand with a catchy name. We actually want our customers to feel good in what they wear. Otherwise, what's the point? 

As expensive as it was for us to make this move, we feel that by providing a better product to you, it will express our loyalty to you as a consumer that much more. Tell the brands that sell the cheap threaded, pop tag, everyday gear “hey, no thanks, game recognizes game. I want sustainable, well made clothing this time.” 


We use a product that is certified by the Global Organic Textiles Standard and Supima. We'll discuss conventionally why organic cotton is superior to growing and manufacturing cotton in this article. 


American Grown Supima Cotton


Organic cotton is simply the highest grade cotton available, which is why it is better for you.

  • The feel factor: That's because the staple fiber extracted from around the cotton seed and spun into yarn is the basic building block of quality in cotton. We've lost track of how many people touch our cotton products, appear surprised, and then smile. We can tell they are happy. 
  • Lasts longer: People frequently tell us that they feel even better after a few washes. It also means that it will outlast cheaper conventional cotton, saving you money in the long run.
  • Free of toxins: In addition to the numerous herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides used in its cultivation, conventional cotton is manufactured with some extremely hazardous compounds. Chemicals are prohibited from being used in the manufacturing of GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, providing you peace of mind that the garments you and your family wear and the bedding you sleep in have not been exposed to these hazardous chemicals or may still retain their remnants.


We're all becoming more conscious of the devastating impact our fashion and textile consumption has on the environment (see, for example, Tom Whipple's piece "Cheap Fashion is Costing the Earth" in The Times on April 8, 2020).

The evidence suggests that switching to organic cotton growing significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and pollutants.

Bluewater is water extracted from aquifers or reservoirs to irrigate crops artificially. Because organic crops can rely more on abundant natural irrigation and hence use substantially less blue water irrigation, organic cotton production uses significantly less water than conventional cotton cultivation. However, there are some startling downstream effects as well: it's been estimated that up to a fifth of the water used in non-organic conventional cotton is used to dilute contaminants.


Organic cotton is a superior substitute for cotton since it is grown and certified according to organic agricultural standards. Its production relies on natural processes rather than artificial inputs to maintain the health of soils, ecosystems, and people. Most notably, organic cotton growing prohibits the use of hazardous pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) (genetically modified organisms).

Switching to organic cotton saves up to 91% of the water needed to grow the crops, emits 46% fewer greenhouse gases, and provides farmers more control because they aren't reliant on pricey genetically engineered seeds from a few large corporations.


While we hope this long blog didn't bore you too much. We just really need you to know that we have done the research, and aim to always deliver the best products we can. We want GRG™ to brand you can be proud to stand behind, or in this case, a brand you will be proud to wear!

Game Recognizes Game!

It's definitely game time, place an order today! 

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*Final processing and decoration for our apparel products are all made in the United States. A genuine person handcrafts each item, not a machine. You are assisting in the preservation of American vision and trade skills by shopping from GRG Jeans Co. For than, we thank you!

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